Francisca Alvarez Elementary


The purpose of Francisca Alvarez Elementary is to build a strong educational foundation
that will empower students to exceed all expectations.

Francisca Alvarez Elementary is a diverse community, which promotes educational excellence in a safe environment 
to empower social, moral, self-motivated, and goal oriented individuals who will be academically and physically prepared to become productive citizens and lifelong learners.


To develop inquirers who are knowledgeable and caring that apply their learning to manyfacets of life in order to create a more peaceful world.


To create a safe and challenging school with rigorous standards and measurable goals for all students.


To promote a learning environment that embraces intercultural understanding.


To seek college and career readiness through collaborative partnerships that encourage and support lifelong learning.




Francisca Alvarez was a young orphan Mexican girl who grew up to become a distinguished humanitarian during the struggle for Texas Independence in 1836. She gave aid to both the Texan and Mexican soldiers during the war, exhibiting extraordinary courage. With her persistence and mighty defiance, she stood up for humanity when soldiers faced death at the infamous “Goliad Massacre” in Presidio La Bahia near Goliad, Texas. She saved many young soldiers, cared for those who were dying, and was ultimately recognized by survivors as a Texas heroine. In her honor, she was bestowed with the name “The Angel of Goliad”. 

(Garza, 2013)

"Learning Today…Leading Tomorrow”